Best Indian startup apps that launched recently

Best Indian startup apps that launched recently: Chingari, Dukaan and more
Best Indian startup apps that launched recently: Chingari, Dukaan and more

Best Indian startup apps that launched recently: Chingari, Dukaan and more

Best Indian startup apps that launched recently: Chingari, Dukaan and more The year 2020 has been an unprecedented year due to COVID-19. This pandemic has upheaval the various sectors and has impacted the world economy. Due to forceful lockdown, the users/consumers looked out for various options to engage themselves. This has given a push to digital platforms. The major one includes OTT platforms and short video apps and fintech brands across the world as a primary source of entertainment and security respectively.

The global market research report acknowledges you about the market developments, technological advancements, supply and demand scenario, pricing factors, and emerging trends that are going to influence the growth of the market in 2021.

We talk about the brands that were prominent in 2020 and promise to deliver you more in 2021. The apps one must-have in your phone as a source of entertainment, to start a digital business or look for some loans.

Chingari App
Although Chingari was launched in 2018, it got popular among the Indian users’ post Tiktok ban in India. It is an India ka Apna app, which allows users to have created a short video on the platform and owned by Tech4Billion Media Private Limited. Through this app, users can create and upload videos in more than 14 multiple languages including English and Hindi. In this app, users get the option to select a song, lip-sync, dance, voice-over to movie scenes, comic dialogues, and create a creative video to a selection of that song. The app also has in-built filters that create visual effects of videos.

Speaking to Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Founder and CEO said that “When we started in the year 2018, our focus was to create a platform to cater to the regional/vernacular speaking Bharat users (Tier 2/Tier 3 Audiences). And we’re happy to say that we have covered this space and catered to the billion Bharat users. From July 2020, where we were at a million+, to Dec 2020, we’re now holding over 46 million audiences on our platform watching 150+ million videos every day and witnessing the highest daily engagement time of 51 minutes. It’s almost a growth of 46x user base. As a team, we’re happy to create one of India’s best homegrown Short Video App. Personally, the year 2020 has been a bit tough for humanity. For Chingari fortunately it was a year of success and achievements, In 2021, we are focusing on that every content creator who comes to the platform should get an opportunity to earn from the platform and also scale it to grow globally.”

Dukaan App
Pandemic was all about the small-medium enterprises and small shop owners to go digital. Our PM initiative of Digital India played an important role during the covid19. The various apps help small brands, shop owners to fulfill their dreams to have a digital presence. According to a report, social commerce in India is set to touch $16-20 billion in GMV by 2025.

Dukaan is one such app that helps boost social commerce. It is a software as a service [SaaS] (available on Android and web for now, and soon will be on iOS and other OS too) that allows small businesses (or anyone for that matter) to launch their digital stores in under 30 seconds. In other words, it helps you to make e-commerce. An app that lets businesses build their e-commerce store in under 30 seconds. Dukaan has over 3 million stores created online, more than 5 million products that have been listed across 40 different categories of businesses. More than 9 lakh orders have been received covering over 1200 cities.

Branch App
The 2020 year made individuals realized the importance of health, security and saving as pandemic shuts down the various businesses across the Indian market. But ensure, people had to force themselves to take loans from the peer or the market. Here, we came across a unique app called, Brand International Financial App. The apps provide loans up to 50k INR to a mobile generation. In other words, it deals with the microloans without collaterals or credit score of a user and deposit money directly into their account with 2 hours.

Speaking to Matthew, CEO, he highlights,” Branch International fills the market gap where potential borrowers(usually under 30) without enough credit history cannot get a loan from any traditional bank or new-age apps.”

Rizzle App
Rizzle is home to exclusive bite-sized mini-series from around the world! Rizzle are a 60-second short video app for mini web series, talk shows, interactions, and more. We help creators bring their stories to life through Rizzle Series, and hone their acting and dance skills through free classes on Rizzle Studios. In addition to that, they may host channels, vlog, and create amazing binge-worthy content. With a wide range of amazing features to enhance video creation, Rizzle is every digital creator’s paradise. And thus, unparalleled.

Rizzle TV as they called it launched in February 2020 in India, with some unique features. How Indian market has perceived them , we spoke to Ms Vidya Narayanan, CEO and Co- Founder of Rizzle App, “In 2020, Rizzle introduced a fresh perspective in the world of short videos with its signature Rizzle Series. The vertical, short user-generated series can easily be imagined as the next evolution in the short video content spectrum. This brings a new way to present the world of web series – built for smartphone video consumption. With hundreds of series already available on the app and several more to come in the future, Rizzle Series have already been making large strides in bringing short episodic content to your phone. Additionally, Rizzle Studios provides free dancing and acting lessons to interested people, making the UGC series more accessible.”

Reverse Factor App
A Kolkata based health, wellness and fitness app which is available for both Android and iOS. According to Founder and CEO, Mr. Karan Kakkad, “Reverse Factor is backed by extensive research in the field of Nutri-genomics – The scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes. Nutri-genomics has revolutionised the world of prevention, treatment and reversal of mighty diseases. Reverse Factor is the only company in India that helps people to reverse lifestyle diseases with the help of right food.” RF team has proved it through thousands of case studies that there are curative natural foods for every disease. The mission of Reverse Factor is to significantly reduce and reverse the epidemic of lifestyle diseases so that people can be fit, fine and healthy till the last day of their life. RF team of Health Officers are continuously engaged with patients from different corners of the world.



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