Honor Choice Moecen TWS earphones review

Honor Choice Moecen TWS earphones review
Honor Choice Moecen TWS earphones review

Honor Choice Moecen TWS earphones review

Honor Choice Moecen 2020 has been a chaotic year, but it has also been a year of truly wireless earphones. Almost every major tech-based company has launched its version of a TWS earphone. Honor was one such company who decided to bring a pair of budget TWS in the Indian market because of course, everyone deserves a pair of TWS.

The Honor Moecen are affordable true wireless earphones for buyers who do not want to compromise either on style, price, or sound quality. Now if you are wondering whether you should spend your hard-earned money on these, continue reading to find out.

Honor Moecen Review: Design and Build Quality
Honor Moecen have clearly been inspired by Apple’s AirPods Pro. From the case to the overall design, their resemblance to the AirPods Pro is easily noticeable. The case is made out of lightweight plastic which feels durable but not confidence-inspiring. It’s certainly not the best of the materials, but for the price, it performs very well. The earbuds are made out of the same material with adjustable ear tips. The included Silicone ear tips may not fit everyone, hence the company included 3 different sizes in the box.
The lightweight plastic construction also helps when using the earphones for a long time. However, I would recommend swapping out the Silicone ear tips for foam ear tips, if you plan on using the earbuds for an extended period of time.

While heading outside with the pair of truly wireless earphones, you will also need to carry the case around. Thankfully, the case is small and lightweight which means it can be easily carried in your pocket. The white case and earbuds sure do look nice but does get a bit dirty when you carry the case inside your bag with different things. A black or some other colour variant would be a welcome addition for many.

Talking about the case, the case will be needed to charge the earbuds once they run out of battery as is the case with all these TWS earbuds. The earbuds run for around 5 hours on a single full charge and the case can charge them back up in less than 30 mins. The case can charge the earbuds completely for around 3 times before giving up. The company claims a battery life of 24 hours which is almost true. The case doesn’t support wireless charging but does come with a USB-C port to charge itself and the earphones.

The company surprisingly was able to pack in gesture support for play/pause, next/previous track, answer/reject calls. The controls are intuitive but in my case, they don’t work as expected many times.

Honor Moecen Review: Sound and Performance
As for the sound quality, the Honor Moecen has an interesting profile. The mids were good, highs are ok, but the lows are a bit unclear. The bass and the treble are not at all good. If you listen to EDM, heavy metal, trap or any base/treble-heavy music you won’t find these particularly good. However, in pop, or other normal music, where mids are mainly used, they sound normal. The Moecen misses out on Active Noise Cancellation feature.

n my review period, I even made a couple of phone calls using the Moecen. The call quality with its dual microphones wasn’t that good. The microphones were not so good at filtering unwanted noise and there was a weird light humming that the receiver could hear. I tried changing phones, the result was the same with these. The voice of the other person was clearly heard, making them a good fit for podcasts.

Honor Moecen Review: Verdict
The Moecen by Honor Choice is available to buy at Rs 2,999. At this price, especially for a TWS earbuds, much wasn’t expected. If you have experience with high-quality audio products, these will surprise you for the price. If you are just looking for a pair of budget TWS and haven’t experienced audiophile-grade hardware, which is the primary target for this product, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, the Moecen offered good quality sound and unless you listen to bass/treble-heavy music, these will be a good fit for you. For listening to podcasts, or for phone calls, these will surely do the trick. The IP54 resistance will help you if you take these to the gym. Overall, if you are looking for a budget pair of TWS earbuds, these are one of the best deals you are gonna get right now.



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